VdG Market srl grows from the will of valuing the small farms together with their products. The spearheads on which we trust and base our business are information and excellences. The real food culture, spread even thanks to our magazine – VdG Magazine, that is currently Italo magazine and in partnership with the scientific Expo 2015 committee – could only be married with best quality products that let us be professional, trustworthy and credible in the food farming panorama.
Our business model isn’t easy to describe because it’s dynamic and because it encloses many activities, different from one another but with just one goal: spread the real Made in Italy.

Thanks to our magazine we can introduce the farmers and the winemakers, located in the whole Italian territory, deeply devoted to their passion; we provide their great products thanks to our physical store of Cernusco S/N (Milan – Italy), with our fast delivery system we can reach all the territory and part of Europe and thanks to our e-business, last born of our system, we hope to expand more and more our range of action.
But we are not just a store, we are a permanent exhibition which let the farmer or the winemaker meet the customer to make together a real Viaggio del Gusto: cooking classes, tastings, weekly events and ad hoc menu accompanied by a qualified staff let us give a strong positioning in the head of the customer because he learns how to identify the product by tasting, observing and smelling it.
Our last aim is to create a franchising network that, following the pilot model currently under improvement, could spread the real Italian food and wine culture.
Our philosophy is simple but effective: taking with a smile the customer in a real Viaggio del Gusto and our goal is to spread the real Made in Italy culture of the food and wine.