VdG Market exists thanks to who still believes in the authentic Made in Italy.

We choose the best italian producers, search for the processes that don’t denature the product but that fully enhance it. Many of the producers that work with us made a path, now strengthened, that has made them fundamental partners of our short supply chain.


Currently we are able to provide to those who decide to cooperate with us:
an editorial communiction plan on our magazine: VdG Magazine – i Viaggi del Gusto;
a permanent exhibition system that addresses you an important placement both logistic and in the market (physical and shortly virtual too) that let us be your mouthpiece during many meetings with some Italian and foreign buyers;
products addition in our BtoB and Ho.re.ca. lists;;
events during the year to ensure that the customer knows the products through tastings and meetings with you;
product promotion both in the market and with on-line and off-line communication campaigns;
product promotion with the food service, catering and cooking classes.

Due to this network system, the product comes out from the shelf to take indelibly place in the customer mind, thanks to its qualities but also to our team qualification.

Producers Meetings

The physical store is the core of the meeting between producer and consumer. Here the circle comes full: the products is known by the consumer who, thanks to the producer himself story, tastes, buys and suggests.


You’ll find your right placement also in our magazine: VdG Magazine – i Viaggi del Gusto, a credible and always updated information source. The magazine hosts many important names of the italian food farming panorama and it always dedicates a lot of pages to the Selezioni (selections) section, where the story of who still works to spread the real italian excellences is narrated.

Email: info@vdgmarket.com

Tel: 02.83968544 – 02.49632688

Fax: 02.49632688

You can find us in Cernusco S/N 20063 (MI), in via Ungaretti 7.

Opening hours:
from Tuesday to Thursday 10.00 – 19.30
Friday and Saturday 10.00 – 24.00.

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